Fuel Cell Electrodes with Nano-Coatings

Nano-tek enhanced carbon based high performance fuel cell electrodes are now available to order. Low cost, highly conductive and highly hydrophobic gas diffusion layer materials. These materials may be used in conjunction with a platinised ink or platinised directly prior to hydrophobic treatment due to their high internal surface area

Figure 1: Highly conductive gas diffusion layer with excellent mass transport characteristics. Note: Superb hydropbobic performance.

Custom coating systems are also available for Fuel Cell assemblers with standard electrode materials. For instance we can coat Polyacrylonitrile (PAN) derived (e.g. Toray, SGL and Ballard) carbon electrode materials with a variety of performance enhancing coatings. Our NT-OCT coating, for instance, can raise the electrical conductivity by 10x by producing a layer of carbon nanotubes connected to the carbon electrode. Our NT-P2 system can confer excellent hydrophobicity without affecting the conductivity of the GDL. For much enhanced oxidation resistance try our NT-MOSPA system which also improves the conductivity of most electrode materials. Conventional hydrophobic treatments (PTFE based) are also available. Why not subcontract this challenging work to the specialists here at Nano-Tek? Call +44 870 428 5818 to discuss your requirements.

View our latest Data Sheet for our range of Fuel Cell Electode materials (gas diffusion layers).

Please note that all our own Fuel Cell electrode materials are made from renewable materials, therefore reducing the reliance on crude-oil based solutions for the Fuel Cell industry. Samples of these woven, highly conductive gas diffusion materials are available on request.

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