Consultancy in Nanotechnology.

We offer Innovative Scientific Expertise in the following areas of Nanotechnology. An Expert Witness may also be arranged in these and other key topics for legal matters:

Data Storage- hard drives.

Microscopy- HRTEM, STEM, SEM, AFM, STM, Optical.

Metal Particulates- Nano-particles, Preparation, Deposition, Support interaction, In-situ synthesis. [Size range= 3 to 1000,000 atoms]

Ceramics- Mesoporous, Silica, Alumina, Fillers, Fibrous, Low density, High surface area, Surface modification, MoS2, WS2, Solid lubricants.

Nanostructured Carbon- Nanotubes, Nanorods, Nanoribbons, CVD synthesis, Arc Synthesis, Alignment, Nanotube Coatings.

Nano-porous Materials- MCM41, MCM48, FSM-16, Silica, Templating, Carbon, Sol-gel.

Nano-composites- Dispersion, Material formulation, Metal-Matrix Composites, Epoxy, Thermoplastic, PTFE, PFA, FEP, Thermoset resins.

Catalysis- Heterogeneous, Homogeneous, Enantioselective, Chiral, Heterogenised, Selectivity through Confinement, Bi-metallic, Transition metals and maingroup.

FuelCell Technology- Electrodes, GDLs, Platinum, PEM, fluoro-polymer, coatings, Nafion, Methanol, Hydrogen, high current density, low resitivity.

Nano-Lithography-fabrication of sensors, devices using nanotechnology, Nano-gold, gas sensor, Titania nanotubes.

Thermal Spray- techniques, powders, nano-enhancement, coatings, WC/Co, alumina, hybrid coatings, plasma, HVOF.

...also we provide Professional Specialist Expertise in Intellectual Property related to Nanotechnology.

Technology Appraisal for Financial Analysts.

We at Nano-Tek undertake confidential complete and thorough appraisals of new financially sensitive technologies- due Diligence studies. These documents are commissioned by Financial Analysts usually working on behalf of investment institutions. The essence of this work is to identify the key benefits and drawbacks of a new technology. Moreover we also investigate company development targets in order to determine whether they are truly realistic. Timing is everything!

Analysis and Data Interpretation.

We offer Innovative Scientific Expertise in the following areas of Data Interpretation with respect to Nanotechnological advances. In most cases contract analysis using the listed techniques can be arranged:

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (inc.MAS-NMR, 2D-NMR, Flowstudies, Spincounting).

Electron Microscopy(inc.SEM,AFM, HRTEM, STEM  [inc Elemental Mapping],
in-situ EDX).



Gas Adsorption(inc.BET,BJH, Langmuir, Hg diffusion).

Mass Spectrometry.

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