Carbon Nano-Ribbon Products.

Nanostructured Carbon :Nano-Ribbons


Nano-Tek Nano-Ribbons are a new form of nanostructured carbon. Like carbon nanotubes, nano-ribbons are strong, thermally and electrically conductive and have a very large aspect ratio. Unlike carbon nanotubes, this material may be described as amorphous as it has little long-range atomic order. As a result the surface chemistry is more closely related to Diamond-like Carbon and Carbon Blacks, making Nano-Ribbons much more easy to disperse in most media. The fibres are flat in cross-section, with an average fibre measuring 30nm wide by ca.2nm thick by 100’s of microns long (up to 1mm). Nano-Ribbons are only produced by Nano-Tek by a proprietary process. Material is supplied as a highly porous black powder.


Potential Applications for Nano-Tek Nano-Ribbons:




Pricing info for Nano-Ribbons: Purity ca. 99.9% C, SSA ca. 300m2g-1


Product Code                        Amount                                  Guide price

NT-NR001           100mg                  80

NT-NR010           1 g                        350

NT-NR100           10g                       1,500


Please email us for a full quotation including delivery. Note: All orders must be paid for in full before dispatch.

Supported Nanostructured Carbon: Nano-Ribbon Coatings


Nano-Tek Nano-Ribbons are also available as a homogeneous coating on substrates such as Quartz, Si-wafer, 316 and 440c stainless foils and plate. We can now coat samples from 5x5mm to 800x1000mm. The layer of nanostructured carbon is around 50 microns (0.05mm) thick and highly porous. The majority of the nano-fibres show some alignment perpendicular to the plane of the substrate. All samples are custom made to order (allow two weeks). If you have a particular type of substrate in mind which is not listed above please contact us.


Potential applications:





Pricing info for Supported Nano-Ribbons: Purity of Coating ca. 99.9% C, SSA ca. 300m2g-1


Product Code                                        Dimensions (mm)                 Guide price

NT-SNR50.50-ss           50x50                   400

NT-SNR50.100-ss         50x100                 550

NT-SNR100.100-ss       100x100               650


Note: Substantial discounts are available for orders for several units. ‘ss’ denotes stainless substrate.


Please email us for a full quotation including delivery. Note: All orders must be paid for in full before dispatch.


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