Aluminium Powder

Aluminium (Al) in powder, purity form 90% (remainder mainly oxide layer), mean particle size 30 micron

This aluminium powder is now available in bulk for many uses including powder metallurgy, paints, thermal coatings (e.g. diffusion coating), ball milling, conversion to Aluminium nitride [AlN]. This aluminium powder product may also be used as a filler in a wide range of applications. Aluminium powder fillers have good stabilising properties at high temperatures and enhance UV resistance. Aluminium powder filled materials can be drilled, tapped and polished to give a fine metallic lustre. Characteristics of this Aluminium (Aluminum:US) powder: Grey, Good flowability, Stable (due to passivating oxide layer), low impurities, approximately spherical in shape

Guide price: 2/kg for 1000kgs including delivery in mainland UK. POA for smaller amounts.

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